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“I had the opportunity to meet this professional at a crucial time, and she knew, with her mastery, to guide my path and my control. I loved getting to know and have the mindfulness experience. Inês mastered this technique in a wonderful way. Her consultations provided some punctual reflections, in addition to anxiety control exercises. I want to take this opportunity to thank Inês and share my more than positive testimony.”

A., 41 years old

“Inês is a professional of extreme sensitivity and tact, besides (of course!) competence. She was my first point of contact with therapy and a key figure in a process of deconstruction of toxic patterns, which were approached with delicacy through concepts of mindfulness. She was always able to easily identify the keys that needed to be turned, and through guided meditation, conversations, and practical exercises, helped me navigate memories and emotions that were difficult to access. Her reflections and comments were always accurate and firm but loaded with understanding and offering the confidence I needed right now. I recommend Inês with my eyes closed!”

P., 32 years old

“Inês Gaspar is an excellent therapist. She conducts your treatment helping in all aspects of life. Inês allows you to see and feel the situation in a way that helps you reach the solution. I have improved my life and my behavior while I did treatment with her. I recommend her to people of all ages.”

N., 32 years old

How can I help you?

What limit us are not our problems but the way we deal with them.

As a psychologist I help people deal with difficult life challenges, as well as cultivate the person they want to be. I create personalized and individualized treatments based on people’s difficulties and the issues they want to deal with.


Online sessions


45 – 50 minutes

Location: Online

Face-to-face sessions


45 – 50 minutes

Location: Consultation room

At home sessions


45 – 50 minutes

Location: Your house

How do the therapy sessions work?



During the first sessions (1 or 2) I’ll focus on understanding what is your situation, what can be changed, as well as your expectations about therapy.


Treatment plan

I’ll propose a treatment plan with an approximate number of sessions, that can be adjusted with your feedback.


Implementation of treatment

We’ll start the treatment as planned and modified it if we feel necessary.



We’ll analyze the results and decide wether to end or continue with the treatment.

I use different types of therapies to help improve your well-being

Do you feel trapped in a vicious and negative cycle, without being able to break it?

With Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy you become aware of those negative cycles, of how your thoughts influence your emotions and behaviors, and learn how to break those cycles.

Do you feel you are a slave to your emotions and that you don’t truly appreciate your life?

With Mindfulness you learn how to be more present (instead of being on an automatic pilot mode) and how to deal with your emotions.

Do you feel lost in life, not knowing who you want to be and what path you want to follow?

With Acceptance and Commitment Therapy you recognize what you most value in life, and learn how to commit to actions that make your life better and more satisfying.

Do you feel ashamed of yourself and is it normal for you to criticize yourself in a harsh way?

With Compassion-Focused Therapy you learn how to deal with shame and self-criticism, and how to treat yourself with kindness.

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